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Thread: I'm almost at the end of my rope!!!! **Update**

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    I'm almost at the end of my rope!!!! *Update 10/10/09*

    I may have to rehome Cami!

    I am running out of ideas. (major rant to follow)

    Cami has been marking around the house. I rent, I cannot have cats peeing in my house or we'll all get kicked out and no one will rent to someone with cats if the previous landlord gives a bad pet reference.

    This has been going on for a while now, pretty much since just before we lost Dusty (which will be a year ago tomorrow incidentally). Previously Cami, Jack, and Bear would pounce on and attack Dusty. Since Dusty has been gone; Jack, Bear, & Pooky now stalk and attack Cami and I'm constantly trying to protect her. I'm not sure if that is actually related to the urine marking but I wouldn't rule it out. I've done all the usual things including Feiliway. I've been following all the advice we give out to our own clients at work on this issue and still I'm hitting my head against a brick wall here.

    When this first started I didn't know who was actually doing the spraying, although I had my suspicions it was either Cami or Bear because they spray the inside of the litterboxes.

    I took in urine samples from all the cats, we gave antibiotics to the ones with signs of possible infections, and Cami was put on urinary PH food and Methioform tabs for her Ph balance.

    I have found that Cami is definately spraying (although I'm at a loss to be 100% sure she's the only one).

    I thought maybe I wasn't keeping the litterboxes clean enough so I've been cleaning the heck out of them. I thought maybe my housekeeping was slacking too much and made my house look like a potty to her so I've been cleaning the heck out of the house.

    I have a $1,300 sectional sofa that smells horrible and I may have to trash it. Mostly musty smelling from all the odor eliminators I've sprayed on it to get rid of the cat urine smell, but unfortunately for me, I didn't realize the cleaning instructions on the sofa until I'd already bought it. It says DO NOT CLEAN WITH WATER. HUH?? So I'm not sure which is ruining it more, the cat pee or the cleaning products.

    I've gotten so hyper sensitive to cat urine smells I swear my whole house smells like one giant litterbox even though honest and trusted people that come over tell me they don't smell it. I know these people would tell me if it did stink.

    Today while I was putting on my work shoes to head out the door I see Cami sniffing around in the bathroom, I knew what she was up to and hollared but she ignored me and before I could get up she marked the bathroom wall. This afternoon mom came over. I went into the kitchen to get her a drink and as I round the corner coming back Cami jumped on the sectional (same wedge piece that stinks) and sniffed. I screamed bloody murder at her but she went ahead and marked the couch before I could grab her, all while someone is sitting on the other side of the same couch!!!!! :

    I don't want to get rid of my cat, I don't want to get kicked out of my house, I don't want to have this cause me to lose all my cats, and I don't know anyone I trust to take Cami anyways (outside in my neighborhood is not a safe option) and I just can't take anymore.

    I've been under a ridiculous amount of stress in the last year, particularly since Dec. Let's see...

    Lost Dusty 1 year ago

    Had to have $700 worth of dental work done

    Got my ribs dislocated which hurt like the devil and cost $150

    Jack has megacolon, and requires medicine, special diet. We did lab work and xrays on him (I forget the cost on all that), and took him to a specialist for a consultation, that part was $120. He lost alot of weight and is still not putting it back on and has me worried. Oh and inbetween all that he got a resp. infection with a 104 degree temp that required 14 days of antibiotics, shots etc for $112.

    Got bit by a dog at work right before my vacation started, required 7 stitches and alot of needles (I HATE needles), the dr messed up taking stitches out and missed one. Had to wait for that to work out to get it pulled free, in the meantime my finger got infected. It's been about 2 months and it's still not completely healed right.

    I won't even get into the full novel of complaints I have about the enormous amount of stress at work and with my hubby to top things all off. Don't take this shorter combined complaint lightly, both are causing me to lose my mind.

    Because of all this stress I'm panic attacks, I have developed weird phobias, and Obsessive Compulsive behaviours. My dr several years back had already put me through all the major brands/types of antidepressants without any success and said he can do nothing further for me. He referred me to a specialist (read behavioural specialist) but my lousy insurance doesn't pay squat so I know there's no way I can afford that, I'm not going to bankrupt myself for sanity, and we make too much money to qualify for any type of assistance.

    Anyways I don't really know why I'm posting any of this, but I'm about to explode or have a nervous breakdown or something.
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    RIP Dusty July 2007 RIP Sabrina June 2011 RIP Jack 2013

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