Hello PT'ers! Summer has come and I do not have to focus so much on school, and I can spend more time on PT finding out who has new additions to the family, and get to know the many new additions of PT'ers since I have left!
Just a little quick update on me..I am now a college student at Ridgewater in Willmar MN, but I am taking a little bit of a different course then what I had planned. I will be taking three years of college to be at a slower pace, which is good for me! I am enrolled in the vet tech program and I am excited to get out and experience life!
I still have my three pups, Jesse, Sammy, and Jemi'. They are all well and happy. Unfortunately I have to leave them when I go away to college. I know my family will take care of them though!
Two furry kitties will also be left: Peek-a-Boo and Autumn. Boo has picked up on talking to the family, telling us everything she has done for the day, and it is very interesting!
We have Kokomo, our wonderful little hedgie. We also have a mini-rex rabbit named Scooter. He is actually my little sister, Karee's, rabbit. I will be getting a betta very shortly I hope, cause I miss have a little fish. My leopard gecko, Zekial, is not doing so well. None of the vets up here will help me, and I am afraid that my little guy is going to die If you could pray for him I would appreciate that! I would like him to come to college with me!
Anyway, we have all missed PT, and I am happy to be back! I hope you are all doing okay, along with all your furbabes!

NIce to be back
Steph and her crew