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Thread: saying dog in foreign languages

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    was just looking through the activities and noticed this thread. I know it is very very old but thought it was cute. Would like to add the italian to here.

    Dog (masculine) - cane (pronounced - con A)
    Dog (feminine) - cagna (pronounced - con ya)

    I love my dog (masculine) - mi voglio bene il mio cane
    I love my dog (feminine) - mi voglio bene la mia cagna

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittycats_delight View Post
    I love my dog (masculine) - mi voglio bene il mio cane
    I love my dog (feminine) - mi voglio bene la mia cagna
    That's fun, in that if someone said that, you would then know whether it was a boy dog or girl dog!
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    Strange that in Spanish it's perro, whether it's a girl or a boy. In Danish it's "hund" like in German.

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