As I left the house for work this morning, I grabbed my black sweater that I always wear in the office. I had left it on the chair this weekend. I guess one of the kittens was mad or something because I put my sweater on and realize it smells awful. I start smelling the sweater and realize that part of it smells like cat urine. Great. Now I’m freezing..the office temp is kept much cooler than I prefer for all those gentlemen wearing suits all day. I tried soap and water on the sweater…hopefully in a couple hours it will dry. This makes me wonder that if they went on my sweater without me noticing the smell at home, where else in the apartment have they gone. I thought I was pretty good at sniffing out accidents, but I guess not. I wonder if I should get a black light to see if they’ve gone anywhere else. *sigh * What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning!