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Thread: Have You Finished Your Tax Forms Yet?

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    Have You Finished Your Tax Forms Yet?

    Hooray, Hooray, I'm finally done. E-filed Fed & State. I feel so relieved
    to finally quit fooling around & "get er done".

    I will never use Turbo Tax for tax help again though. Big disappointment
    with them for this year though. Harder to understand options than needs
    to be.
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    I do them myself. Mailed them off on March 14th. Both were in the bank by last Friday.

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    Yep, and received my refunds.

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    We did them online and it said we owed over $1000 =/

    So we're trying to grab together all the forms and deductions (gas, school supplies, work stuff, car stuff, etc) to itemize because there is NO WAY we owe that much especially since we got married last year and are filing jointly.

    Any suggestions???

    I know we're pushing it close. But theres NO FREAKIN' WAY we owe that much... especially when I was workin' I was paying an extra $10 from every paycheck in taxes for this exact reason.


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    We had our federal done and returned back in Feb. Ohio says we owe them money and we DO NOT! I have mailed all the necessary forms of proof and made several phone calls, no check yet. Hopefully we won't end up in jail when we DO NOT pay them the money we DO NOT owe!!!
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    Yep. Sent ours in expecting a refund of over a thousand dollars. The check arrived today for $200 with a note from the IRS that they would send us an explanation "later".
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    We filed and received our refund quite a while ago
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    I did mine electronically on Sunday and I didn't owe as much as I thought I would. It was also very easy.
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    I sent mine and DH's online a while ago - got the refund in a week. =D


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    I sent ours in about the middle of February. That was probably a new record for me to get them done early. Even though I had to pay, I still sent it in early. I just can't stand to wait until the last minute. My boss does that every year. Then there is a whole lot of running around and extra trips to the accountant for picking them up or signing forms or a special trip to the post office. My life doesn't need all that.
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    I get my done early; I can't take the stress otherwise. My accountant emails me forms and I complete them and email them back and he e-files them. I have to start early because he asks me so many questions and makes so many changes that, if I didn't, I'd be late w/filing. Two years ago he said that I had a refund of $2800 coming, so when I heard that, I gave the ok to have a new walkway and patio installed, figuring I'd use that money to pay for part of it. After the work had been started, he emailed me and said that he missed one of my 1099's and that, not only do I not have a refund coming, I owed several thousand dollars! I nearly threw up. So in order to avoid costly mistakes like that again, I start early and wait until the forms are actually filed before I do anything.

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    Done and spent!!

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    Done Electronically & Refund already back as a Direct Draft..

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  14. Our return was finished and mailed weeks ago. Dangling from a string attched to my desk lamp...two envelopes. One gets mailed to Uncle Sam and one to the California Tax Board...later this week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosmom
    Done and spent!!
    Same here!! LOL Mine are very easy to do since it's just me and I claim zero. I did mine back in February.
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