Hi all,

I hope someone can help with some suggestions for me. I am in the process of moving, and have moved my 4 cats to my Dad's house during all of the chaos. I moved the kitties on Sunday. They were confined to one room with appropriate litter boxes, food, water, toys etc. Three of the four kitties have made an appearance (4 days later), actually two of them kind of rule the roost, lol. But my one very sweet white kitty, female, aged 6 1/2 is petrified and has planted herself behind the washing machine and won't budge. (She was originally behind the freezer, so she has moved.) I know she is breathing, and I'm not sure if she is nibbling or using the litter box? She moves when I call her name and speak softly to her, but she is not coming out. I opened a can of special cat food and the others came running, but not her. Any suggestions? Am I too anxious and impatient?