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Thread: She Won't Come Out from behind the Washing Machine

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    She Won't Come Out from behind the Washing Machine

    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help with some suggestions for me. I am in the process of moving, and have moved my 4 cats to my Dad's house during all of the chaos. I moved the kitties on Sunday. They were confined to one room with appropriate litter boxes, food, water, toys etc. Three of the four kitties have made an appearance (4 days later), actually two of them kind of rule the roost, lol. But my one very sweet white kitty, female, aged 6 1/2 is petrified and has planted herself behind the washing machine and won't budge. (She was originally behind the freezer, so she has moved.) I know she is breathing, and I'm not sure if she is nibbling or using the litter box? She moves when I call her name and speak softly to her, but she is not coming out. I opened a can of special cat food and the others came running, but not her. Any suggestions? Am I too anxious and impatient?


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    I would say just be a bit more patient.. She could be coming out at night to eat & potty.. She will come out in time.. Now are your babies going to stay in this room at your dad's??

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    You *need* to make sure that she is eating. If an overweight/stressed cat (or sometimes any cat) does not eat for even 48 hours...liver damage can result.

    I would get her out from behind the washer and put her in an even more confined space by herself (smaller room, walk-in closet, even a large cage) where you can monitor her eating. If she's overweight at all, there is a definite risk for hepatic lipidosis. It is not a death sentence, and is certainly reversible, so please don't let my comments panic you. I just want you to be aware of this possibility.

    I would also suggest getting some Feliway (or other cat pheromone product) and spraying it on her bedding or in her surroundings. She sounds like she is the most sensitive soul of your foursome and probably needs some special attention during this stressful time.

    Let us know how she does!

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    Thanks for your kind words!

    Good news on the white kitty behind the washing machine situation. She is still slinking about, but is responding to my voice and getting head scritchies. She is eating and drinking and using the litter box. She is staying in the room of her own free will. All the other kitties are now wandering freely in the house and mingling amicably with my Dad's two sweet kitty boys.

    I am relieved, to say the least. But, boy! I sure miss those little fur balls. My fluffy maine coon calico mix came running and chirping and scolding when she heard my voice.

    With more patience and gentleness, I know Orlando will soon be ruling the roost with the rest of my mogs.

    Thanks for your responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katelf
    . My fluffy maine coon calico mix came running and chirping and scolding when she heard my voice.
    I love when cats chirp! Some of my cats make that sound too.
    Glad to hear that your cat came out from behind the washing machine. I've been checking back for an update. Good news!

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    Orlando is purring like a thundercat under the beds upstairs. She is absolutely fine and coming along. She's such a good girl!

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    Thanks for giving us such a nice update!
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