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Thread: Jack: In loving memory (video memorial)

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    Jack: In loving memory (video memorial)

    Please take a small while to watch this beauitful memorial video that Kevin made for Jack. It is posted onto Youtube.
    I find it difficult to watch at the moment, but I know there will be a time when I will watch it and smile.
    Kevin edited it and chose one of his favourite songs, that he felt was appropriate and was his own tribute to Jack.
    I hope you like the video. Hopefully the link will work. It's around 8 minutes long.


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    Dear Kate,
    What a wonderful and loving tribute to your dear Jack. You could tell that he was so devoted to you. You showed us many sides of his personality. Jack was a real character!! Thank you for sharing Jack with us!!! HUGS!!! Sandra

    PS: Jack is a ringer for our Riley...
    Nine is Fine!!

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    Dear Kate,

    What an awesome tribute to Jack. He looks alot like my friend Pam's cat Romeo. How did you create the program, if you don't mind me asking.

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    How sweet; loved the shots of him "misbehaving" on the toilet! I know you miss Jack and it was a really touching video of him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosmom
    Dear Kate,

    What an awesome tribute to Jack. He looks alot like my friend Pam's cat Romeo. How did you create the program, if you don't mind me asking.
    Kevin used the ordinary windows movie maker program that came with our computer, it lets you edit things and add music etc, and is quite easy to follow. It is all Kevin's and he spent a lot of time doing it, and I'm thankful to him, I know he misses Jack too, and I love Kevin so much for doing this for me.

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    What a treasure. This is a wonderful memorial of Jack, shows his character quite well. What a clown, lol! Remember all those happy times with him, and give Sunny some scritchies from me.

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    What a beautiful tribute Is that the White Stripes? I love the fact that his legs were white but his pads were black. Where they all black or mixed? Hugs to you, Kevin and Sunny. What a lovely family!

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    So many wonderful pictures of such a beautiful and beloved friend. The memorial is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    Pat, with LES
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    What a moving tribute to Jack. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of him. You can tell he was well loved and loved you also. I know you miss him terribly and it is hard, but one day you will see him again.

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    Kate, it is so evident how much you loved Jack and how very much he meant to you. I hope that you are being extra kind to yourself during what must be an agonizing time. I pray that each day brings healing. Please give yourself and Sunny a big hug. I'm sure Jack is with you in spirit.

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    What a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing this with us. Jack was very much loved.
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    that was very beautiful.i really am so sorry about jack's very sorry.
    this tribute for him and you is so touching.beautiful,sad,but very nicely done.

    Thank You Kim for this wonderful siggy

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