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    I have always wanted to go to England. I lived in Germany for two years many moons ago, traveled to France and Switzerland but never England.
    Now finally my dream has come true. I am leaving on May 10th and returning on the 20th. Going by myself. Can't wait to see all the sights. I am an English buff and love reading about the history, now finally I can see Hever, Harrods, Buckingham, Windsor, Big Ben, Tower Green, Hampton, Tower Bridge, Trators Gate, Stonehendge.
    I extended my tour by two days so I will be there on May 19th which would have been my mom's 82 birthday. Seventeen years ago she bought me a set of dishes and I am planning on buying myself a new set at Harrods on her birthday.
    I was recently diagonsed with diabetes and this disease is not going to stop me from enjoying life to the fullest. I have lost 25 pounds so far and my numbers are good. I feel great and can't wait to see London.

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    Congrats on your trip! I went to London two years ago with my partner Alexa and I had a blast. I loved seeing all of the museums and all the other great sights around the city. I know you are going to have a great time!
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    Marigold, have a wonderful time! I got to go to London in the 12th grade, over spring/Easter break. Prince Charles and Lady Diana had gotten married the previous year and we had all seen their wedding on TV. We went to a performance of "Pirates of Penzance" with Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits, who performed with his broken arm in a cast and sling, and Sarah Brightman - before she was married to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. My high school choir had done it the previous year so I knew the whole show! I'd like to go again, though. Have a wonderful time!
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    Congrats on your upcoming trip! I have a good friend who lives in England and she's been wanting me to go over there, which I would love to do, but I doubt it'll happen any time soon. Have a good time and take lots of pix!

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    I hope you have a wonderful time in England. I miss all the historical places so much! I note that nearly all your list of sights to see are actually in or around London. If you can manage to to take a few sidetrips try York or Chester or Bath... all places full of lovely things to look at and enjoy!
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    Thanks everyone I am so excited. I am going on a tour for 8 days and then taking two days for myself so I can perhaps visit Hever or spend more time shopping at Harrods or just going to a musuem.

    I will be going to London, Hampton Court, Oxford, Stratford, Bath, Stonehenge, Brighton, and Leeds with the group. Along with other side trips.

    When I lived in Freiburg, Germany I would often go to the Munster which is a church built in 1200 AD. Just sitting in the pews gave you such a sense of wonder and history. I would image the thousands of weddings, funerals, baptisms that took place in all those years. The brides walking down the isle in 1423, 1567, 1692, 1789 all those years, all those hopes and dreams. The funerals and the tears. Thousands of people who lived and hoped and dreamed now all gone and mostly forgotten. And I think about our lives which are so busy and important to us, in 300 years who will remember us? We will be totally forgotten as well, our great loves for our husbends, wives, children.

    I hope to be able to take in an evening service while there. To touch the caskets of the great kings and queens. Oh I can't wait.

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    I'm so happy for you. London is the best. I haven't been in several years and miss it badly. Trafalgar Square is my favorite spot in the world. Try taking an evening float down the Theme's (sp?) It's lovely. Covent Garden is also great fun. Have a good trip!

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    You will love it, I live in around London and its one of the best places. You can walk around for hours and still be entertained.

    Brighton is one my of fave places, I love walking down the lanes. Its totally different to the hustle of London!

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