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Thread: Free kittens need homes in Butler

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    Free kittens need homes in Butler

    I have six beautiful and playful kittens that are free to good homes. Pics available.

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    Never EVER say "free" because you'll get all sorts of whackjobs looking for fighting bait, research laboratories, etc. ALWAYS charge an adoption fee, even if it's only $25 as most labs won't pay.

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    A double AMEN! to what Moosmom said!

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Snake food! YUP! People with large snakes grab up "FREE kittens". BEWARE!

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    Please get the mother cat spayed!! There are too many cats that need homes, and too many are put to sleep because there are not enough homes!!
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    Free kittens to good homes

    In reply to everyones negative response, #1, I would love to get my cats spayed, but I have six cats that need spayed or neutred, all homeless cats that came off the streets. I could of let them starve or freeze to death, but I really love animals and could not do that to them. I have five small children that I am having a hard time keeping them fed and clothed. But we manage by the grace of God. I wish with all my heart that I had enough money to rush all of my cats to the vets this very moment. The vets that I called in my town charge approximately $150.00 per cat. This is why there is so many unspayed cats running around our city. I offer free kittens because some people cannot afford to pay 25.00 for a kitten. I have turned people away because, after talking to them, I could tell they did not have my kittens best interests in their hearts. I have a gift of seeing into people's hearts. I am so ashamed of the responses I received this eve. You guys or gals are very judgmental. I can only imagine how you felt about Tiger Ranch. I am a person who gives my heart and soul to my children and cats. I have very awesome adult cats in my home that were homeless with nowhere to go. My neighbors hate cats, the people two doors down feed any stray cats they can find to their dog, and I am only supposed to have two cats and if my landlord finds out I have more, I will become homeless myself. A true cat lover helps any cat that needs a home regardless of whether they can afford to spay or neuter their unwanted and desparate cat. I called the pound to help me and they charge $100.00 to take in a stray cat. I have met people who told me to take the kittens to a creek and drown them. I have had the police tell me that I am not allowed to leave out food for strays or I will be fined. For the people who were so rude regarding my post, why don't you spend your energy on helping anyone who is willing to take time for animals instead of criticizing people who really care. My offer still stands: Free kittens to good homes!!! Rebecca

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    No one meant to make you feel bad, just to put that info in any ad or flyer, to discourage people who want the kittens for less-than-noble purposes. You don't necessarily have to follow through, for example, you can charge them $5, and make them promise to spend the money instead on spaying or neutering. Then put the $5 in a jar towards spaying the momma when you can!
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    I also second Karen's reply as well. No criticism was meant, just concern for the safety of the kittens. Instead of giving free kittens, you might try giving a few cans of free kitten food and vitamins when someone purchases a kitten from you. In this way, a minimum amount of money is spent but the safety of the kittens is assured. We all recommended that you charge a fee because, unfortunately, experience has taught us that, if you don't, bad things can happen to them. We already understand that you're doing what you can. Otherwise, you wouldn't have posted on this forum. Good luck.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Whoa!!! Got your pm.All those who responded were not being " judgemental." These are folks who have been involved in rescue for eons, and know what happens to " FREE " kittens. We all understand the vet costs, many of those
    who posted have multiple cats and care is not cheap! And we all do the best we can...
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    Here is a list of low cost spay/neuter programs. I got my 2 spayed through a spay/neuter clinic for $45 each. This list should really help you. Also call your local animal shelters and ask them about low cost spay/neuter centers.

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    hey guys

    I think in this area the rebecca and I live...we never hear of anyone charging for cats or kittens unless they are a humane society or a rescue. Rebecca's kitty's are just strays that come to her home and just a hobby she has out of her own home...not a nonprofit or I don't think she meant any harm by saying free kittens. Unfortunately, people around here will not take kittens if they have to pay...they only pay for rescues and shelters because they already have all their shots and spayed/neutered, but if a kitten doesn't have that yet, they won't pay for it...that's just the sad mentality of people around here and most of the surrounding area is old-fashioned, conservative farmers who believe cats should be outside chasing out the mice from the barn...grrr.

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    Did you check out the low cost spay-neuter links for your state? I think they were in another thread....
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    Srinters mommy,from one of the previous posts is right. People around here will not pay. There are free kittens all of the time. People have told me that they don't want to pay the shelter costs. I had a man that wanted a kitten for his barn,and I said no. I have turned down people many times,including my own friends. I listen to what people say regarding how they are going to raise the kitten. I have found some awesome homes for my last few litters. A lot of prayer works too.

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    Hi Rebecca, I've put together a list of shelters in your area and how many miles away each one is from your town. The first two seem the most promising. The Rainbow Animal Refuge and the Butler County Humane Society, which I called and got some information. It was just an outgoing message and it has the same info that is on their website but it could be a solution. It appears that they will take a litter of 2 or more kittens into their shelter for a total fee of 100.00. I know you said that you have 5 kids and already have 5 adult cats that you have rescued (which I think is wonderful of you by the way!) so I'd like to offer to help by donating something towards this and hope that maybe some others on PT might help too?

    There might be some other options as well via the shelters that I will list below that may not have any cost associated with surrendering kittens. We just need to start calling them. I'd be happy to call a few of them.
    Right now I'm trying to look up spay and neuter options and their costs as well for your adult cats and maybe we could help you with that instead if we can find a shelter that will take the kittens at no cost. I'll keep searching.
    Here is the list of shelters:

    Rainbow Animal Refuge
    Lyndora, PA (1 mile)

    Butler County Humane Society
    Renfrew, PA (5 miles)

    Critter Care Adoptions Inc.
    Evans City, PA (9 miles)

    Lyons Den Rescue Inc.
    Slippery Rock, PA (16 miles)

    Orphans of the Storm
    Kittanning, PA (20 miles)

    Animal Friends, Inc
    Pittsburgh, PA (22 miles)

    Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley
    New Kensington, PA (22 miles)

    Promises for Pets
    New Castle, PA (22 miles)

    Grove City Area Pet Rescue
    Grove City, PA (23 miles)

    Beaver County Humane Society
    Monaca, PA (24 miles)

    Lawrence County Humane Society
    New Castle, PA (24 miles)
    (724) 654-8520

    Furever 4 Felines
    Beaver, PA (26 miles)
    Animal Rescue League of Western PA
    Pittsburgh, PA
    412-661-6452 (27 miles)

    Kiski Valley Cat & Kitten Rescue Inc.
    Apollo, PA (27 miles)

    Western Pennsylvania
    Humane Society- Northside
    Pittsburgh, PA (28 miles)

    FosterCat, Inc.
    Pittsburgh, PA (29 miles)

    Paws of My Heart
    Western PA, PA (29 miles)

    Animal Advocates, Inc
    Pittsburgh, PA (31 miles)

    Cat Sense, Inc.
    Murrysville, PA (31 miles)

    Pet Connection, Inc.
    Avonmore, PA (32 miles)

    Pet Solutions
    Mercer, PA (32 miles)

    Judge’s Park
    New Castle, PA (33 miles)

    Waggin Woods Animal Sanctuary
    Franklin, PA (37 miles)

    White Oak Animal Safe Haven
    White Oak, PA (37 miles)

    Animal Appeal
    Sharpsville, PA (38 miles)

    Humane Society of Mercer County
    Hermitage, PA (38 miles)

    Pet Friends Inc.
    Irwin, PA (38 miles)

    Angels For Animals, Inc.
    Poland, OH (39 miles)

    It’s a RUFF Life Rescue
    North Lima (south of Youngstown) OH (40 miles)
    (cats and dogs)

    Venango County Humane Society
    Oil City, PA (41 miles)

    Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
    Fallen Shelter
    Elizabeth, PA (41 miles)

    Four Footed Friends, Inc.
    Indiana, PA (42 miles)

    Indiana County Humane Society Inc.
    Indiana, PA (42 miles)

    Black Sheep Rescue
    Youngstown, PA (43 miles)

    Club Pet Adoption Inc.
    Transfer, PA (43 miles)

    Community Angel Network
    Greensburg, PA (43 miles)

    Humane Society of Westmoreland County
    Greensburg, PA (43 miles)

    Valleycats Animal Rescue
    Boardman, OH (43 miles)

    Hancock County Animal Shelter
    New Cumberland, WV (44 miles)

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    Here is a possible option for spaying and neutering the adult cats:

    Spay Neuter Clinic
    11644 Frankstown Road
    Penn Hills, Pa
    (prices as of March 2008)
    Cat neuter = $28
    Cat spay = $47

    It says it includes exams in these fees as well.

    How many adult females do you have and how many males?

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