NOT! I tell folks it's a secret ballot for a reason.

But Sparks, we have more in common than this thread would lead anyone to believe. And I do not think of America as split, or bi-partisan, no matter how much the political pundits proclaim it to be so. For example, there's not such thing as a "red state," or a "blue state" in every state, I guarantee you, there were people who voted the opposite of the way the state landed on the big map, and people who voted for parties and people not represented in that equation. America is not two colors, it is not "red" and "blue" - truth be told, it has green, pink, brown, rainbow - it is more like plaid! But that doesn't make it simple enough for clever sound bites.

Don't buy the hype the commentators spew forth. And remember, here on Pet Talk, we all love and care about pets - who have no politics whatsoever. Any dog I know would take a treat as readily from a member of one political party or another, big or small, red, blue, green, rainbow - a treat is a treat! And some cats are as likely to snub any human being of any political party, regardless of his or her opinion about elections.