I don't go to church, I believe in a god, Karma isn't a brand of Volkswagon and Hell can be here on Earth...but....

Everyone is hemming and hawing about what the dip shirt that is Obama's spiritual advisor said. I could really care less about what he said.

But am I the only one who has a problem about WHERE he said it?

According to B.O., the older you get, you have more of a pass for being a jerk. This AH is supposed to be come kind of cleric and he's spewing crap like that in a CHURCH? The thing I found most offensive was the little thing he did while talking about Bill Clinton and Lewinsky. (I am not a BC fan.)

The rev showed that he deserves no respect for "acting the fool" in a house of worship.

Not only that, I was expecting the Gray Panthers to put up a stink about how they are being portrayed - as dottering old racist fools.


I left the church because of an Easter Sunday incident - the priest began to rail about the standing room only inside the building. Apparently he wasn't too happy about the Holiday Patrons in attendance. If he didn't make the effort to try and get people to come back next Sunday, I figured I could do something else with my time.

Like catch the early morning Sunday sports with my sinner friends.

Beer and Football. Amen.