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Thread: What sweet cuddles!

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    What sweet cuddles!

    Last night, Amy came got in bed with me and I put her at the crook of my arm pit, lenghtwise with my body, half under the covers and half out. She has NEVER been a undercover girl and I figured she would only stay a minute. WRONG! She stayed a good 30 minutes, purring and head bumping for more loving and her sweet little body felt so good that close to mine. The more I petted her, the louder she purred and kept offering her head and face for kisses. I was so happy and as contented as she was and I was so amazed that she did this for so long. She has NEVER cuddled with me....NEVER! I was so happy I could have cried!

    She heard a noise and the spell was broken and she went to jump down off the bed and landed so hard it hurt her really bad. I wouldn't touch her or move her but tried to get her to MOVE and do SOMETHNG! She was awake and alert, just wouldn't move, so I know it hurt bad.. She laid there, not moving for a good 10 minutes, poor baby! Finally I tried getting out of bed and walking away to see if she would follow and she did.. PHEW! What a scarey end to one of the best moments we ever shared. I will cherish that night forever and pray she will do it again!

    Soon as she was found to be alright, Samantha came got undercover.. that is her thing and she loves it but it was so hot in here last night that I was afraid she would get overheated but no amount of coaxing could get her to come out... So, we played our finger game for a long time. (That game is me just using my index finger pointing out, closing back and opening while she trys to catch it with her mouth.. I LOVE watching her mouth snapping at my finger, it is so darn cute!) Did I even say I didn't get to sleep until 3 am?

    Flying out tomorrow to go to another company meeting and will be back Wednesday. Take care til I get back.

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    What a nice time with Amy! Hope she remembers all the nice lovin' and does it some more!

    Sorry it ended with a thud! Maybe next time place her on the floor rather than letting her get down herself?

    Have a good meeting!

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    When she is ready to go, she is GONE!! No warning, no notice, she just leaped out of bed from where she was, that may have been how come she landed so hard.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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