Hello everyone! I have just joined, and dont have any pictures of my dogs, Spencer and Vincent yet, but let me describe them! Spencer is my big baby, he is part Dane/part Doberman. I adopted him from the pound 5 years ago. At that time he was already three years old. so he is a little gray around the eyes and nose, but otherwise, jet black. He is definitely an alpha male, but very laid back and gentle. and despite being neutered (he was neutored after I adopted him) still gets quite excited about the ladies.

my newest baby, is Vincent, (named after my favorite actor, vincent d'onofrio) he is what I call a bagel - half beagle, half bassatt. and boy, what a handful! I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old, thinking he would be this quiet, sleepy couch potato. boy was I wrong about that!! He thinks he is ten feet tall and bulletproof, and would wrestle with spencer 24/7 if Spencer didn't occassionally crack down on him when he gets out of hand. He argues with me when he is corrected and is in to every nook and cranny he can find! needless to say, I dote on him. I cant wait to get a digital picture of the two of them to show yall!

I look forward to lots of fun communication!!!