Pirate had to go to the vet yesterday for some bloodwork. My vet wouldn't give me any more meds for her until she had bloodwork done.

She was not happy. She flipped out when I tried to put her in the truck. It took me a minute to realize that she doesn't spend much time in the front part of the yard--she can see her old home from there. I'm sure she thought I was trying to take her back there and she wanted no part of that! Once we got by that place, she laid down and napped in the back seat. She did not freak out at the clinic; she didn't pee all over the lobby and she didn't try to nip the tech who did the blood draw, all three of which she did last time we were there! She was fine getting back in the truck after her appointment. Maybe she believed me when I told her we were going home and she could spend the afternoon inside!

Dr. Rick just called with her results and everything is perfect. All her values are right in the middle of the normal range! She doesn't have to go back for at least six months and she can keep taking her meds at the current doses, which are working wonders for her!

Now she can continue with her busy lounging schedule!

I heard her voice yesterday for the first time, when she told Ozzy in no uncertain terms that she was not sharing her water bowl!