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Thread: Had it with the Food Channel...

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    Last night's show was just odd. Maris's makeup when they first came out was jus hideous - like they let some amateur with a color kit at her! Rodney's suit and hat were obviously expensive and well-tailored, and it was funny to see Russell's mohawk got a major trim! I though Danoushka was just as rude and obnoxious as ever, I have no idea how she ever made it in the show as a potential contestant as she doesn't seem to particularly like human beings, and doesn't like food all that much! I was surprised Rodney wasn't cut first, and am not surprised at the winner. I may watch the show a couple times, just to see what it turns out like! I just disagree with the premise of it .... but maybe it will turn out to be something different, anyway!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Two more 'beefs' about TVFN?

    The kiddie contest that Rachel and Guy are hosting.
    I like the fact that they are getting kids to cook, not thrilled about kicking them off a show because they 'cannot' cook.

    The other is the 'Cutthroat Kitchen'.

    Sounds like a show where bad manners are the norm?


    Chopped tonight had baskets of 'rotten food', coffee grounds and the heels of bread?

    Time to jump the shark........fileted and served with a butter sauce.

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