I have tried to be patient with the Food Channel but have given up.


Why do you have to touch your hair while cooking?
Why do you have on long sleeves-that look like they get into the food?
When your go to the pantry, why do you put stuff into your armpit, when you can't carry anything else?
Why do you insist that anything burned is CARMELIZED?
I watch for the recipes, not the alcoholic drinks.
Why the faces when you taste your cooking?

Oh, the one "guy" that really irritates me is the dude with the bleached blonde hair -Fieri- and his Diners program.

I was watching the tail end of the program and he did something that I found to be so totally friggin gross and rude. HE goes to different tables in the place he is looking at, he talks to the patrons, then picks up a fork/spoon and takes food off of their plates.

Another thing that gets me going is the double dipping that a host does from the platter of food they have prepared.