Hi all, this has been a favorite site for a long time. I used to just check the pics of the day and then more recently found the forum and started to read it on my lunch break everyday.

I'm from Illinois and have 3 dogs -
Murphy, a 12 yr old male pug who is my best friend. We got him as a puppy.

Boscoe, an 8 yr old boxer that we adopted a few years ago from a boxer rescue (Murphy picked him out himself) he likes for everyone to think he's a big brute, but he's actually a big baby.

Chloe, a 6 yr old female boxer who we just adopted a month ago. She is timid but sweet. Her and Murphy have a strange relationship involving toy possession that i haven't quite figured out yet.

I also have 3 freshwater aquariums and a cornsnake.

I'll post pics soon on the dog general board.