I came across this station, G4 and love a few programs on it.


Ninja Warrior is a game show/obstacle course that is really fun to watch.
The commentary translations are hilarious.

Each season they invite 100 people to try to make it through the four sections that make up the course. It's like a hyped up military training course.

The course gets harder in each section - there has only been one person who has done it in all the show's history. The neatest part about the whole show are the contestants.

They run from teachers, firemen, cooks, Olympians, mechanics..you name it!
On one of the shows there was a transsexual that they touted as the "world's toughest transsexual". One competitor was a guy that competed in a Superman outfit.

It's great mindless TV with no point to it but to make you laugh and wonder if you could make it through some of the obstacles!