Tomorrow Tucker gets the big snip - which I know he will come through quite fine but still worry about cause he's so little compared to the other dogs at his age. But he is 6 months old and they say its better to do it before he starts to those cute little boy things like marking so tomorrow it is.

Christy's dalmation, Destiny is going to have her teeth cleaned and again a relatively simple thing but who ever wants their dog put under for anything?

And since I am dropping the other two off, they suggested I bring Snoopy in so they can see how he is doing and weigh him. He looks so good although there is still some fluid buildup and of course he is skinnier than he has been in years because he hadn't been eating well - of course, that is starting to change but I would like to try to keep the weight off because that should help with some of his problems.

So keep the pups in prayer - I'm sure every thing will go okay but a few prayers never hurt anything.