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Dear Deer in my Neighborhood - Could you please not walk along the curb at night. You blend in so well with the trees and leaves that I sometimes don't see you. I really don't want to collide with you! I enjoy seeing you when I drive home from church through the forest preserves on Wolf Road. I am trying to take as many well-lit roads as possible, but the last half a mile worries me t he most.

And if you could just stand still for a second in the morning when you're munching on grass after the landscapers do the lawn in front of my building - I enjoy seeing you and I'd love to take your picture.

Thank you,
Dear deer, I have a new strategy that a good friend told me about. When I see one of you crossing the road, I am going to slow down and look in the direction you came from - because my friend told me that when you see one deer, it's not a bad idea to expect another one (or more) coming from the same direction. He agreed with me that the deer blend in with the trees and bushes, especially at dusk. The forest preserves on Wolf Road aren't any better lighted than they were the last time I posted. I don't think you're going to stop crossing the roads any time soon. We've been pretty lucky with deer accidents in my neighborhood recently, and I don't want to be next.