Dear quiet car rider,

I wish you could have seen the number of people who looked at you with frustration as they walked by your seat on the train. It was clear that you didn't want to move over because you were sitting in the center of the seat with your arm up on your backpack. I did see you move the cold pack on your shoulder a couple of times, but a lot of other people did not. It's bad commuter karma to be a seat hog on a rush hour express train, even if you're in pain. If you really must, the best way to get a double seat to yourself is to choose a car further back in the train. The front couple of cars are where all of the type A's (and people like me who have only a short interval to get from the train to the office without being tardy) prefer to sit. It's fortunate that the regular conductor wasn't on today, because she would definitely have told you to share that seat.

Express regular