Dear Pharmacy Benefit Management company:

I am so mad that I can't get an early refill on my medication! Yes, I truly did lose it. Yes, it is somewhere in the house. Yes, I honestly did spend over an hour looking for it. I dropped it when I was unpacking my overnight bag after I stayed the night with my parents to take them to the airport early the next morning. I believe it either fell into the closet or under the bed. There were 25 capsules left in the bottle. I cannot find it and I don't have $300 to spend on an early refill. I have never asked for one before. Please give me the benefit of the doubt on this. I can't be without it for the next three weeks. I'm using the dose I usually take at night and only taking it every other day. I've heard so many stories from patients about missing meds -- "my landlord stole it", "I think I left it on the bus", "my relative takes the same dose I take so I think he pilfered my meds". I got you to give an early refill to a homeless patient who left his medication at the PADS site. Please, I wouldn't be asking if I didn't need it. I don't have an extra three hundred dollars and I can't let my blood levels fall. Help me please.

Frustrated patient