Dear brother:

Why do you keep insisting on taking your little boy away from us? Why do you think that you can be gone from his life for a year, but then come back and do whatever you want with him? Don't you realize you're still fighting to keep him? You always talk about taking him away and you're breaking us all. You're going to break his little spirit. He's such a happy little boy now, but because of all that your ex has done to him, he just can't handle change. Any kind of change, little things even, makes him cry. You know this. Yet your willing to let him hurt. When you really love someone you don't want them to hurt for even one second. Why do this to your family? Do you even care? He's where he belongs, he's with the people he wants to be with. You want to rip him away from that. It's cruel and heartless. I just want you to know, we try to talk to you about it, but you don't seem to care. You say he's your responsibility, your meant to have him, like he's some kind of object. He's not an object! He's a living, breathing, human being. He has a heart and a soul and FEELINGS. He feels things just like the rest of us do. You left him with us. You LEFT him. There are consequences for every mistake. YOU have to pay for this. You shouldn't make him pay for your mistakes. That's selfish and unfair. You did this to yourself-you threw him to the side-you wanted her more-now deal with it. You've already failed him once, I'll be damned if I sit back and let you do it again.



Dear God:

Please help me make it through. It's times like these when I can't stand on my own.

Lovingly Yours,



I know I was the one to end it, but I still feel regrets. It's been 2 years now but I still miss you. I still love you. I wish you loved me. I wish I could see you again and you'd tell me how much you missed me. I wish I actually mattered to you, now and before. I've come to realize now though that I never did, that I was just someone there to help you pass the time. You'd be a great catch, if you'd only realize how to use your heart.

Me again



You said you loved me but you wasn't even willing to wait for me. What did that say about your so called "love"?