Dear Jerk Jerk,
You know a potential buyer is coming by to look at the house at 4:00 today, yet when you met me at the house just now to clean and tidy everything up you did NOTHING!!! You sat down and ate lunch THEN left your dirty dishes in the sink!!! WTF???
I just busted my ever-loving a$$ vacuuming the entire house, dusting, hiding dog beds, putting the slip covers on the couches, cleaning the bathroom, sweep the floors, straightening up EVERYWHERE and what did you do?
I'm supposed to have a 1/2 hour lunch, I asked my boss for some extra time and he said "no problem". But I left work at 10:45 and didn't get back to work till 12:15. That's an hour and a half!! You left work, came home, ate and left again, not taking extra time to help me.
You're an a$$.

~Sincerely, your INCREDIBLY pissed off wife
P.S. - I hope the person that comes today buys the house and we can each go our own way. I'm SICK of putting up with your sh*t! You're good for a month and then you turn back into the A$$ that you are!!