[This is a thread based off of the LiveJournal community called dearyou. This is where you write a letter to someone (you don't have to mention who, it can be to anyone you know, online or not) and spill your feelings. Maybe it's something you can't say to them in person... but write it out here, and get it off your chest. Post as often as you want.]

Dear Dad,

You continue to unknowingly break my heart every day. I'm happy that you are happy with your fiancee, but I can't stand her. She has changed you in so many ways... I can't begin to count. I want my dad back, I want my best friend back. I want YOU back.

I feel as though I'm being kicked out of my own house. I've started staying with mom sometimes, and recently, you asked me to move out of my room and into the makeshift room you guys made for Katlynn, your soon-to-be stepdaughter. The makeshift room consists of two standing room dividers and three walls... a decent sized "room".

But kicking me out so Katlynn can have privacy? What about me? What about YOUR DAUGHTER? I'm sorry, she isn't your daughter. You said, "She needs privacy. Besides, all you do is sleep here."

I started to cry, but you had already walked away. I'm not even allowed a bedroom anymore because "I'm only here to sleep".

You aren't the daddy you used to be.

I miss you.

Your beyond heartbroken daughter.