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Thread: Scared for my son. Please help w/comments *Update 4/16*

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    Scared for my son. Please help w/comments *Update 4/16*

    My son called me last night and told me that his forearms are so weak and that it's also in his hands but mainly his forearms. He's having problems gripping things and can hardly pick up his cell phone or toothbrush, tie his shoes, etc. He says he's not in any pain whatsoever but that he's really fatigued. I asked if he worked out too hard and he said that after he did certain weight lifting exercises, he did notice that his forearms were really pumped but not in any pain. No, he's not on steroids. He's 40 years old, has always been extremely health conscious, doesn't smoke and hardly drinks. He's been having bad sinus problems and was taking Nyquil and some antihistamines so I told him to stop taking them. He called me again just a few minutes ago from the emergency room because he says that his forearms are getting weaker and he's getting scared.

    Does anybody have any idea of what this could be? Have any of you experienced this before? I thought perhaps carpal tunnel but he says that he doesn't have any tingling sensations. I looked up Guillain - Barre Syndrome on webmd and he doesn't have the symptoms of that either, other than the weakness in his forearms. But the other symptoms he doesn't have and he's in no pain. I'm really scared. He's in CA and I'm in OH or I'd be there w/him right now.
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