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    newbie YAHOOO


    my name is Kari and i am a CRAZY CRAZY GAL... i love animals and have since i was very young ( my first puppy was when i was barely in diapers)... i am happily married to a wonderful man named Jeremy, we bought a Brand new house in September, we have a 13 yr old son named brady, and we have 22 pets ... ( will get to that in a minute) and FINALLY, we are adding to our family... Drum roll please.. TWINS, a boy and a girl.. coming soon...
    so, here are our BABIES Now

    we have: Puppies:
    1 male GSD/Lab mix, Thunder ( D.O.B July 26th 2007) (AKA FUNDERBUTT)
    1 Female lab/whippet mix, Cinni( DOB July 6th 2007) ( AKA PINCESS)

    4 Red Eared Sliders ( mikey, ralphie, spunky, Baby "T") they have a 100 gal tank

    1 YBS, capt Jack Sparrow ( he was saved from a lady who did not now how to care for him, he lives in a temp 29 gal tank)

    4 Goldfish ( golden, silver, BJ and AJ2) they live in a 10 gal tank

    1 red eyed tetra, un-named
    1 orange and red fish ( not sure of breed )
    1 baby ( from the 2 above.
    1 goldfish ( he was spared being feed to our turtles due to cuteness)
    2 african dwarf frogs; kermie and big butt
    they all share a 10 gal tank complete with a TON of plants and other natural organisms.

    feathered friends:
    1 love bird, PepperMint ( she was saved from a lady that could not care for her either ) she has her own cage w toys (spoiled)
    2 finches; lilo & stitch ( also saved from people who could not/would not care for them( they live in a cage very large)

    furry friends:
    3 dwarf hamsters, Snow white, Jasmine, and Cinderella. Snow white lives in her own 2 gal tank because Jas and Cin didnt play well together with her and jas and cin live in a 20 gal tank, do not worry tho, snow white will get upgrades very soon.

    and that completes our family circle...

    i hope to have fun on here, and learn alot about some of you.

    sorry for the long intro. feel free to ask any q's i forgot..

    oh ya, pics will soon come of our whole family...( for those who depand pics LMAO)

    thanks for lookin and i will see ya all around

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