I'm looking into a business ATM they sell puppies and kittens. I'm unsure of what to do. If we do go for it then the livestock is included.

They animals are all in the best conditions they can be in, They all comes with papers and are microchipped and wormed flea'd and have first inocculations (sp) if they do stay a bit longer then they do get their second injections too. I've been in petshops where the animals are cramped and cages are messy. This petshop is really on top of things, If the pup or kitten goes to the toilet then its cleaned right away they a have toys in their kennels and are let out for a few hours over the day. I cant really fault it to be honest. I know the animals are a big part of this business and we would enforce a 48 hour cooling period where the owner needs to come back after 48 hours if they want to purchase a animal. We would also offer any help if they cant handle the animal throughout its life and we will do our best to either rehome or help with training.

Im wanting honest opinions, I know that they are in the best condition possible and that they are well socialised. Can it be done without being seen a bad petshop?

I know the shop has a fantastic reputation and it sells quite a few puppies but we are toying with the idea of taking the animals out but the shop comes with livestock so it might not be an option straight away.

Opinions please?