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    You are the most beautiful senior I've ever seen!! You still look like a pup. What a wonderful long life you've had so far. I hope you continue doing well for a long time to come!! I'll bet that comes from the wonderful care of your family!! Congrats on Dog of the Day. You deserve it!!

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    Bosco, what a delight you are. Bless you for the companionship you've given your family all these years and I hope there are more to come. With a face like that you should have been a movie star! Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    Bosco you are a winner in more ways than one. How charming and loving and brave you are. Yes, brave, because those of us who have lived with senior pets know that these later years are only for the most valant. But Bosco you obviously have much more love to give and lessons to teach. Thank you for sharing a little of your life with us, Bosco. We will remember for a long, long time, our Dog of the Day, the mighty tried and true, BOSCO.

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    Bosco, What an all around companion you have been. You do it all! So Handsome. I think my Miss Daisy would fall in love if she saw you.
    Have many more wonderful years with your wonderful family. Congradulations on being best looking pet of the day.

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    Sweet Boscco,
    You are so beautiful, your story so touching, I could just cry. What an amazing, inspirational senior you are. No doubt the deep love you share with your family, your winning spirit, and your joy for living have blessed you with a lifetime of health and happiness. What a wonderful sight it must be to see you dog paddling with your doggie life preserver!! You are truly one very special Dog of the Day. The Dog of a Lifetime...for all time. I will keep a print of your precious photo by my desk to remind me of the true meaning of unconditional love and devotion. Congratulations beautiful Bosco on your very special day. And I wish many more days filled with love and happy times. I too, feel blessed to have met you!!

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    Bosco you look like such a cool Doggie Dude! You hide your age so well. I am fortunate enough to have had three doggies live well into their senior years. There is a bond that develops over those years that nothing can sever. Bosco we salute you and hope you have much more living to do with your family who loves you so much!

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    Bosco, you are such a cool spunk...who can believe that you are a senior citizen dog. I agree with the person who said you should be a movie star. Now that you've wowed us all by becoming Dog of the Day, you are a true celebrity. I'd award you the title of Dog of the Year. You're an inspiration.

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    What a cutie you are. Love your fuzzy ears.

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