What did you do to America’s game?
From the top of the heap to the Hall of Shame.
You ruined my fun during the summer.
And now, to me, it’s all a bummer.

The great names in baseball played the game clean-
The names of the past all on my all star team!
There was Cobb, The Babe and Hammering Hank-
Cy Young, Koufax and Robinson to thank!

The paved the bases for your feet to run.
By cheating you dopes removed the fun.
Records come and then they are passed.
Because of a needle in your cheating REAR.

You inflated you muscles by doing the ‘roids.
And you pained the fans like a case of hemorrhoids
Now the news that makes me get teary..
That maybe you’d cheat to win the World Series!

A season of hustle – a gild to the Rose?
Not the Pete- the team that I chose!
Gambling and Hormones - you’ve hit the wall-
Remember when cheating was a spit ball?

Stealing a sign? Or corking a bat?
Cutting a ball and that was all that-
Now urine samples become the norm
Another cloud in the steroid storm.

You made the records fall at will
As you crossed the plate you tipped your bill.
At us fools sitting in the stands.
While we cheered, yelled and clapped our hands.

We long for the days of Musial or Bob Gibson
Or a nice long steroid-free game winning home run!
A perfect game, thrown with a rebuilt arm
Or some clean cut kid called up from the farm.

Baseball is in a real sorry state-
Will there be urine tests when you cross the plate?
We just want an honest well played ball game.
Now we are looking at a field of shame.

There were the heroes, The Gibson World Series blast!
Or the GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! Those memories will last.
From Bucky F.N. Dent, to Carlton Fisk
Use those hormones! It’s your silly * (As-te-risk)

Now we’ll question every player that follows in your cleats.
The records are tarnished – because of you cheats.
Some where there is a kid, playing sandlot ball
Who will make your steroids records fall..

He’ll do it to bring back the honor and fun.
A steal? A homer, a game fairly won?
With out track marks on his butt or his skin.
That will be the day baseball will win!