Good morning and congratulations to you, darling Leo! Lots of paws applause and "popcorning" going on at my house today as we honor a fellow wheeker as our Pet of the Day What a darling little wheeker man you are, Leo! My girl Ruby, who could be your twin, is especially smitten Your young guardian Nicolas is so lucky to have a lovable, fun friend like you to share his days with! Now I've yet to see one of my girls climb to the top of their house! Must be a "guy thing!"

What a happy birthday that must have been, the day you came home, cutie! Nicolas has one very special dad there and one very special best bud in you! Hope you're spoiled rotten today Leo, treated to some yummy apple, extra play time and lots of love! Enjoy your well earned day on center stage with Nicolas and your family, Leo! Cuddles, wheeks and purrrs to you precious one from me and my girls, Moon and Ruby!