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Thread: Mescal's profile with photos, videos and info

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    Mescal's profile with photos, videos and info

    Hi everyone,
    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, having a 3 yrs odl cat and having needed some information for him sometimes.
    I have finally created a profile page for Mescal, with its photos, videos and stories, and I'd like to share it with everyone:

    I would also like to invite everyone here to create a profile page like this on the site. If you have a cat you want to give in adoption,
    you can create such listings as well on the site. I'm eager to see your photos there I hope you appreciate the invite.

    And I look forward to reading your feedback about Mescal of course!
    - Marco

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    Apr 2005
    Vicenza, Italy
    Ciao Marco...benvenuto in PT. Mescal e bellissimo. Mi chiama e Michelle. And I am done with trying to figure out the rest in Italian. Sorry I am sure it is not very correct.

    I am canadian by birth but married a guy from Vicenza and am not living there. I have 5 cats and a dog. They are all in my signature. Vixen came from Canada with me. The others were all rescues. I will try to make some pet pages from the kitties and doggy too. I hope you enjoy PT. There is a great group of people here. Look up Beenie's Mom she is also Italian.

    Ciao Ciao

    My rainbow bridge babies have forever left their paw prints on my heart.
    Lilith & Vixen, taken too soon. I love you always.

    Signatures, avatars & blinkies if anyone wants one pm me with color,
    font and background preference and with pics and names of pets.

    Lilith's Catster Page Vixen's Catster Page

    Vote for my furry ones on the cat & dog channels
    Vixen, Bella, Vega, Frost, Phoenix & Artica

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