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Thread: Pictures of the new pups! DiMaggio, Lily & Eely

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    Pictures of the new pups! DiMaggio, Lily & Eely

    DiMaggio...the pug! He's been doing great since yesterday. He's warming up to the other dogs, the enviornment and me really quickly!

    Eely..the Greyhound/Lab! He loves Tege and Tege loves him...he fit in really nicely.

    Lily...the black lab! She also loves Tege and they play 24/7...they're having a great time and loving to swim when it's freezing cold outside...dogs .

    Tege is the dog she is playing with
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    Awww! Your new additions are adorable! BTW Eely and Lilly are the same pictures.
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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    Whoops, sorry about the pic

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    Very cute!!

    I didn't slap you, I just high fived your Face!
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    Eely is so smart! Earlier today he got thirsty from running around all day, and I guess didn't have the energy to run down to the lake, so he jumped up on the bird bath, smashed the thin layer of ice on the top with his paw, and drank Smart pup! And he was a little overweight when I got him, he's already lost weight, though! He LOVES to fetch the ball and compete the Tege, both of them racing towards it to see who gets it

    DiMaggio is doing great now, his tail is always up and curled over his back now instead of hanging low, and he loves to explore around with the other dogs, esspecially Tinny!

    Lily is doing excellent, she and Tege made best of friends! They love to play, although Tege does get a little too rough sometimes.

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