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Thread: Anxious about Tasha: severe allergies (update post 16 with pic)

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    Anxious about Tasha: severe allergies (update post 16 with pic)

    Tash has never had allergies or any skin problems in her life. She hasn't so much as had a real hot spot before. Within the last couple weeks though she has been showing signs of being allergic or having allergies that have just gotten worse and worse to the point now I am really upset and anxious about it. At first I was sure it had to do with food because I ended up getting them a different food last time because I was having trouble finding where EVO was sold. I did find a place later but by then wanted to finish what I had. I had gotten them Solid Gold and they seemed to do okay on it, but then I noticed Tasha getting itchy and scratchy and chewing on her feet some. I took her off the food, the last time she had some was Tuesday morning this week. I also started giving her Benadryl and spraying the irritated hot spots she was creating with Dermacool that I had on hand.

    She has just seemed to get more and more miserable, rubbing and scratching her face until her whisker area bleeds, chewing her feet, and then today I saw her ears getting more red and her belly seemed to get little bumps on it. I could scratch anywhere on her body and she would go nuts thumping her leg and trying to scratch too. She hasn't been interested in running and playing at all. I had had enough and took her to the vet today. He seemed more inclined to think it was environmental than the food, although he said it's possible she could have developed a food allergy. She also had weepy eyes and her face seemed a bit puffy. He gave her a prednisolone shot and a prescription for oral prednisolone and I picked up some diphenhydramine shampoo there too (basically benadryl shampoo). I gave her a bath with that and I'm supposed to start the oral pred tomorrow and give it every other day.

    I don't know how quickly the shot is supposed to work but 4 hours later she doesn't seem any less miserable and itchy. Has anyone experienced this before that could tell me when I might look for improvement? Also her ears seem even redder tonight to the point I'm worried about ear infections now. If they still look as bad in the morning I may run her back in...

    I took a few pictures. I don't know who is more miserable, her or me. I just want her to start feeling better. I feel almost in tears seeing her this way. (As an aside, I know her nails are due for a trimming)

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