These are my mutt pups! We live in a big house on 6 acres…practically on a lake. The lake is right behind us. Luckily I have been lucky with having dogs that stay around the house, them running off isn’t a problem since there aren’t houses near us…I plan on taking yet another trip to the shelter VERY SOON! Sometime this month. And I always fall in love and bring a few more home….so don’t ask how I ended up with 9 dogs!! All of my dogs except Rain are pound puppies…..pound dogs are wonderful. Only the B-E-S-T!!!!!!

Cracker is a 2 year old Boston terrier. He will happily take his place on the couch or prance around with the other dogs in the yard, although he won’t dare even dip his toes in the water of the lake behind the house.

Rain is a 2 year old blue merle Australian shepherd. He loves to swim, which is something most aussies don’t like. But he loves it! He is an extremely active guy.

Jack is 1 ½ years old. He is a black lab, and his full name is Black Jack. He loves to plunge into the Lake No matter what the weather and loves to fetch the ball. Especially if he can swim for it!!!

Tinny is 9 months old. He is a Boston terrier. Unlike Cracker, he loves to swim in the lake. When he’s out of the lake, Cracker and he are inseparable.

Curly is 11 years old. He is a Curly coated retriever x Golden Retriever. He enjoys taking a dip in the water but isn’t up for swimming like he did in his younger days.

Nakita is a yellow lab. She is almost 2 years old, and she is rather mellow compared to the other labs. She loves to walk around, her tail swaying from side to side, she loves to follow you everywhere you go too.

Shorty is a 4 month old malamute x black lab. He loves to run around and jump head first into the water and bob for rocks.

Tege is an 11 month old Dalmatian x Lab. He loves to play rough with the others and plunge into the water.

This is Goldy Locks! She is about 3 years old and loves to swim and you will never see her without a tennis ball!!