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Thread: Any suggestions on how to catch a stray cat?

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    Any suggestions on how to catch a stray cat?

    We have a stray kitty in our neighborhood that is coming into my house through our cat door. I've talked to neighbors to determine that he is a stray. The theory is that someone down the street moved out and left him behind , but I'm not 100% sure of that story.

    I'd like to figure out how to capture this kitty and get him cleaned up and to a rescue center for adoption. (He looks like he could be a Himilayan mix, but his fur is so dirty and matted that he's a mess right now - but if he could get combed out and the mats removed, I think he could be a pretty kitty.) He's spraying inside my home and getting in fights with my Sidney, so adopting him doesn't seem like an option at this time.

    The good news is that if we do capture him, a couple of neighbors are willing to share the cost of getting the poor guy to a vet and checked out and cleaned up before bringing him to a rescue place.

    Of course, his favorite times to sneak into our house is when we're both at work or asleep

    Anyway, if you have experience with this or can offer some tips, I'd appreciate it.

    thanks everyone.

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    We caught a stray kitten once. We used a little trap. It is basically a cage 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 2 foot in length. The door on one end is attached to a spring, so when an animal (hopefully the cat you are trying to get) touches the food at the back, the entry door closes. The principle is like a mouse trap, but the animal is not touched by any parts, just the "box" is closed. I will see if I can find a picture of it on the net.

    One other suggestion, would be once your cat has gone out for the night for the last time. Tape a ruler or piece of wood on the cat flap, so it will open in, but the ruler stops it from opening to go out again. Thus trapping the stray inside.

    Let us know how it goes in your attempt to catch it.
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    Good morning catland,

    I just trapped our local stray cat using a "trap with a heart", which is similar to the one that Fuzzy317 describs. It works quite well in combination with a little bit of tuna fish in the food dish. If you talk with your local humane society sometimes they have traps that they will loan out to private citizens.

    I would also suggest that if you do use a trap to cover the bottom of it. It seems that some cats do not like to walk on the wires and they will avoid it. I have also found that it can be helpful to cover the trap with an old sheet or something to disguise it. (Our stray cat was older and had plenty of experience with cat traps so it took longer to get her.)

    I hope that some of things helps. Good luck with getting him.

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    I also trapped a stray using a have-a-heart trap. I put a rug inside on the bottom so it would not notice the cage wiring under its feet and wrapped a blanket around the outside of it. Then I put a can of nice fragrant tuna (not cat food but the real stuff) inside. That cat showed up and jumped in within an hour and for the last four years has been a resident in our house. Good luck!

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    Check your local shelter or humane society to see if they lend out humane traps to capture cats or dogs that are causing problems on private property. Oftentimes they will also provide you with instruction on the proper use of the trap. To make it truly humane however its important to cover the trap with a towel so the frightened animal is not exposed.

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