While I was waiting in the lobby of the shelter where I volunteer as a foster (Luke, one of my FIV+ boys was being dipped), I started talking to the receptionist who'd remarked that there were 28 phone messages waiting because she'd been away from her desk for half-an-hour. I heard her muttering about irresponsible people as she wrote down message after message so asked if the calls were from people who wanted to hand over their cats. That's when I found out that they average 300 calls PER DAY from people who want to "give" them their cats.

She also told me that a woman stopped at the shelter yesterday and told Debbie that she was bringing her cat to them (it was in her car outside) because she was moving that day. Apparently, this wasn't a sudden move but the woman had thought she could just drop off the cat on her way to her new apartment. When she was told the shelter couldn't take her cat because they were at 250% capacity, she became very angry and insisted they could take "just one more". Debbie walked out of the door after her to make sure she didn't just put the carrier in the driveway. The cat probably ended up at the local animal control facility or dumped.

Considering the people calling know that they are contacting a no-kill shelter, shouldn't it make sense to them that the shelter is always full and they will have to put on a waiting list?

Those of you who work or volunteer at shelters, what are your experiences in this area?