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Thread: Our very own Chino!!!

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    Our very own Chino!!!

    Awe you're so cute, even though you can be naw-tee! Yay congrats on making it to POTD, and thanks for being such a cute sight on my screen

    Horray for Chino!

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    Congratulations little Chino!!!
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    Oh Ellie must be such a proud mamma today!!! Look at her little Chino!!

    Hey there cutie pie congrats on being our special little POTD!!! I know you bring your mamma so much joy. Make sure mummy spoils you extra today ok. And you tell your mummy auntie Michelle says to give you some cuddles just from me.

    3 cheers for Chino as POTD...wtg Chino wtg...wtg Chino wtg...wtg Chino wtg....woohoo !!!!

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    Is that really our Chino? Chino the wicked? Chino the jailbird?

    Congratulations sweetie! Demand extra privileges today. That is allowed when you are Pet of the Day! Milk it for all it's worth!

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    I had the SAME thought! "OUR VERY OWN, CHINO!!!"

    Oh my, Ellie must be thrilled to see you up there, after all the commotion you have caused with the jail break, he he. Smart boy, balancing the good with the deviltry!

    Let your little halo glow today, and demand some extra treats! (You can return to your devil horns tomorrow!)

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    Yay Chino! How glad I was to see your little face pop up on my screen this morning!

    Make sure your mum spoils you even more than usual today, you know that you deserve it.

    And what's even more special, this is my 4000th post, on your very own thread! So that means an EXTRA treat from me!

    Love Zara and The Lancashire Lasses.

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    Chino, what can I say! You're adorable, you're cheeky, you're a bit of an escape artist - and you're the Pet of the Day! Congratulations! Please have your mum give you a pat from me!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

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    lol. it is funny how we all call him our chino. he is like a member of the family. well done chino! u deserve it you cutie.

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    Thanks everyone

    Chino is very happy to be pet of the day and has been SO spoilt!

    I have given him the pats, cuddles etc to him and he says thank you

    Chino wanted to say something too:

    Hi Everyone!

    Chino here! Thank you for all the nice comments!

    When I woke up this morning mummy had a raisin in her hand ready for me.. I knew something special was going on So mummy explained and YAY!

    Mummy tried to take photos of me having my raisins but I was so excited and hyper that I wouldnt sit still! Oops!

    Again thank you all! I promise I wont forget you when I am rich and famous!

    Chino x

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    Aw, sweet Chino, I knew as soon as I read your name and where you were from that you had to be Ellie's Chino!!!

    How wonderful that you are our special Pet of the Day today!!!

    Tell your mum to give you and your bro some treats today to celebrate!!!

    Congratulations, sweetie, on your special Day as our Pet of the Day!!!
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    Ohh Chino you cute little bugger!! I just wish I could give you some treats and snuggles on your very special day!! *closes eyes and pictures giving Chino big snuggles* You are such a doll. I surely hop that you mummy will give you a raisin from me with a snuggle or two. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!
    ~Traci, Duke, Champ, Chopper and Ryleigh

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    Congratulations to you cutie pie, Chino! So nice to see of one of our very own honored here as Pet of the Day! You have quite the fan club sweetheart and after reading your Mom Ellie's tribute to her best bud, it's easy to see why! That "nawtee streak" of yours we can just chalk up to youthful exhuberance and after all, it only adds to your charm! Hope you're enjoying an extra special, fun filled day celebrating with your proud Mom, precious Chino! And I hope she'll give you bunches of cuddles and kisses for me!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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  13. Rather appropriate to have Chino as POTD today! Chino is a city here in fire ravaged SoCal. Maybe they will adopt the mischievous little Chino as their mascot and bring a smile to all their faces.

    Here's a whole box of raisins in Little Chino!

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    Darling Chino, I hope you have a fun-filled day celebrating your special honour as our precious POTD! Be good now, and may the festivities include plenty of raisins and lovin' from your devoted guardian! Congratulations, sweetheart.

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    Aww Chino. Happy POTD!! I knew it was you right when I looked at the picture. I enjoyed reading your story.

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