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Thread: possible lynx point siamese?

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    possible lynx point siamese aswell.

    mozie is our king of the world rescue kitty. we have had him 2 yrs..since he was a baby..just stumbled onto the fact he may be a LP/S can u guys tell me?.....even if he is half toad,he is still mama"s angel. snd daddys little man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristafoil View Post
    mozie is our king of the world rescue kitty. we have had him 2 yrs..since he was a baby..just stumbled onto the fact he may be a LP/S can u guys tell me?.....even if he is half toad,he is still mama"s angel. snd daddys little man.
    Do you have a picture of Mozie you could post? That would help!
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    I last posted 11/10 when I first got Sassy...

    Shortly thereafter an older man friend of mine just had to have her-so off she went to a neighbor's BIG home...His wife took her to the vet for shots, info about her, health, etc. She was about 4 years old, healthy and of course fixed.

    Oddly, after he died, his wife getting freedom once again to go wherever and whenever she wanted was gone a lot. She also got a volunteer job, suddenly being out of house few days per week after ALWAYS being home AND enclosing in her screened porch where Sassy practically lived with glass no longer screens, Sassy retaliated by peeing on her carpeting.

    That excuse, concurrently his wife was going to take a long trip to California to see her son, daughter, grand kids, her excuse was that she could find no one she could TRUST to feed Sassy..

    I tried to explain to her, Sassy missed Hank always being there and her, too-she said nonsense, come and get her...That was late last summer...After I'd moved to THIS house-formerly at another...

    "Clawless" or "Spoiled Brat" cat is more like it, rather than Sassy

    This is 1st cat I have had in my life, (NOT complaining) who ONLY likes dry food-she is finicky as well-also like only 1 of 2 varieties of Pounce snacks...ONLY drinks water, never milk..

    She loves the outdoors, stays close by on patio table, or here in fence in yard, occasionally goes to neighbor behind me on their concrete patio outside their shed to cool off...I let her out in daytime ONLY-due to no claws

    She is territorial, chases away other feral "baby kitty" tiger tabby cat not realizing she has no claws ...I sometimes worry when I see other cats come into my fenced in yard...

    Neighbor next door have chihuahua dogs in yard, she walks right up to fence to them

    She REFUSES to get on my bed, yet had no problem on back of couch I had, nor tables, shelving units, desk, etc-

    WE have never had any accidents in the house-I so wish she would POOP outside, though, to save on kitty litter-lol

    She is a very lovable at times kitty, laying in yard, wanted full attention or inside house to be combed or brushed.

    When she wants to go outside, she TALKS to me aka WHINES, sometimes awakening me at break of dawn or other times when it is pouring rain, she doesn't realize such and I open door after WHINING and she comes right back in...Rather irritating sometimes

    When I come home from anywhere, if she is outside, she comes running to me, or if she is inside, minute i open door she stays to see me and then goes outside...

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    Can you tell me if my new baby....

    Hi, just rescued our new baby, snow flake (named by our daughter).... just curious to the breed? We were thinking lynx point siamese, but thought I would check with you guys. He is so lovable and cuddly. He is about 4-5 months the girl told us, but doesn't know much beyond that. We are lucky that he has an awesome personality; he gets along with our boxer right off the bat. Anyways, here are the pics I have.



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    He looks like one in terms of markings, although those may darken as time goes on! He looks sturdier than most Siamese - he may be part Ragdoll, or another breed that shares his markings! Is he very vocal?
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    He is very vocal... Kept us up all night. he is was sleeping with us but kept meowing while licking me. Goes through the house meowing. Meows while lying with us. All the time, lol...

    When you say sturdy, what exactly do you mean by that?

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    Yes, he doesn't look like a lynx point Siamese mix to me either. I have one and her name is Pearl. When I first adopted her she was almost all cream colored and then as she got older she became darker and darker and her tabby markings really came in.

    Here she is as a young kitten:

    Here she is as an adult:

    She's an apple head Siamese mix meaning that she has a rounder head and not an angular head like many Siamese. I'm sure that Snow Flake will get darker as he matures. I think that Karen meant that he has more of a stocky build. Many siamese are very skinny and have tubular bodies.

    I also have another Siamese mix named Summer and she has the angular head and skinny tubular body very typical of most Siamese cats.

    Here's Summer:

    Owned by Sky, Pearl, Ziggy Stardust, Alani, Blaze, Colby, Finnegan, and Summer.

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    Here are some better pictures that show his size better. My nieces told me he looked older than he did when they came to meet him... Like I said, he is only 4 months about and they thought the picture made him look like an adult.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Does anyone have any other input on our precious kitty?

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    Bella lynx point mix

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Felt like taking a picture today. 🐱

    Hello from the Kitty's

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