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    Escape- Chino

    Well I woke up and came on here.... then I heard nibbling at a platic bag... after shrugging it off a few times I turned round to see Chino's cage door WIDE OPEN! In a mad panic I looked around and saw him in the food box nibbling at the bags! So I rushed down to him and he ran off! He went under my wardrobe... so almost in tears at this point so I waited.... I moved something out from under my warbrobe (some shoes) and he ran to my desk. I grabbed a treat and Chino took it.... then I picked him up... and he bit me! Ignoring it I shoved him in his cage and used a wooden tube to stop the door opening... my parents then took over with the tube holding while I went to the bathroom to wash my thumb.. (that was bleeding a lot!)... and to put a plaster on it.
    My parents let go of the tube to see what would happen and he PUSHED the door open! I skidded down on the floor (owww my knees... carpet burn!) and shut it.
    Now we have two padlocks on his door.....

    So I am sat here, my knees are hurting, my thumb is bleeding... I am still shaking and
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