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Thread: Escape- Chino

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    Escape- Chino

    Well I woke up and came on here.... then I heard nibbling at a platic bag... after shrugging it off a few times I turned round to see Chino's cage door WIDE OPEN! In a mad panic I looked around and saw him in the food box nibbling at the bags! So I rushed down to him and he ran off! He went under my wardrobe... so almost in tears at this point so I waited.... I moved something out from under my warbrobe (some shoes) and he ran to my desk. I grabbed a treat and Chino took it.... then I picked him up... and he bit me! Ignoring it I shoved him in his cage and used a wooden tube to stop the door opening... my parents then took over with the tube holding while I went to the bathroom to wash my thumb.. (that was bleeding a lot!)... and to put a plaster on it.
    My parents let go of the tube to see what would happen and he PUSHED the door open! I skidded down on the floor (owww my knees... carpet burn!) and shut it.
    Now we have two padlocks on his door.....

    So I am sat here, my knees are hurting, my thumb is bleeding... I am still shaking and
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    Naughty Naughty boy Chino!! You are only allowed free roam when mummy says so. You don't get to decide that it is time to play outside the cage. I am disappointed in you too for biting your mummy!! Shame shame!!

    Sorry to hear about your hammie escape scare Ellie. I am sure that was quite frightening thinking you may not be able to catch him and then him biting your thumb. He probably bit out of fear for being snatched up so quickly, as he is use to you being so gentle with him. He doesn't understand it was for his own good.

    Unfortunately now that he knows what to do to get out he most likely will continue to try.

    I surely hope that your rugburn and your thumb are feeling better...((hugs))
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    Sorry about your pain. My hamster Spunky used to know how to open the habitrail doors and so many humans have problems opening the door with the wierd lock on it :P

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    Yes, I know how you feel and it is very saddening. My gerbils ((thanks to loretta)) got out about 2 or 3 times until i found out how they got out. It's good that you found out how he got out on your first go around. It is very scary... My gerbils got into the laundary room and the kitchen once

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    I hope your finger is starting to heal and dosn't hurt as much. Chino, you're grounded for biting your mommy! Shame on you little guy! Don't you know we love your mum and you're not supposed to bite her???? Bad little hammy!

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    Thanks everyone.

    Before I picked him up I gave him a treat and a stroke and he was fine... so I gently picked him up and he bit me

    My finger has had a plaster on all day so I dont know how it is but I kept knocking my knee on stuff and OWWWW. It also hurts when I bend it...

    Well I came home to find Chino still in his cage (thanks to padlocks!) so that was good... I was worrying about it all day

    We might by him a aquiruim (sp)... he shouldnt be able to get out of that... *sighs* And I spent so much of my money on his cage

    'If everyone else's opinion is what matters, then do you ever really have one of your own?'- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

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