OK, anyone who uses this or has used this please tell me your experiences.

What dosage? How many times a day? Did/does it work to stop territorial spraying?

Lately I have caught both Mickey and Jim peeing/spraying around the house. Both are on Amitriptylin at this time. Mickey once a day, Jim twice a day. I guess it is not working.

NOTE: In all fairness, Jim IS having a UTI right now as shown by a recent urinalysis. And this could be PART of his problem. He is starting a 10 day round of Baytril.

So, I asked the vet about Clomicalm. She said she had not heard of it for use in cats, but DID look it up in a book, and it states usage for inappropriate peeing in cats. So we are going to order some and try it.

BUT! She also said that she STOPPED giving it to dog patients as it was shown to cause thyroid problems (low thyroid). So of course, this causes a bit of concern.....will it harm the cats in the same way?

Your thoughts?