The county i live in in Houston has made a law to where it is illegal to sell/give away puppies on the side of the road. Every Saturday they are all over the place here.I'm glad that they are finally cracking down on this stuff. It's a start to getting rid of bybs and mills.

HOUSTON -- It's now illegal to sell animals on the roadside after a vote by Harris County commissioners on Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

For Eunice Foltin, it's an ordinance for which she has been waiting and campaigning.

She has pictures of pit bull puppies being sold on the side of the road two weeks ago for $1,000 each. She said it's a lucrative business that is only about money and not finding a good home.

"You don't go to the side of the road and sell and give away animals if you're not a puppy mill. These are puppy mills. A true, true breeder -- you go to their kennels and see how their animals are kept," Foltin said.

She brought her concerns to commissioner's court and they agreed.

Judge Ed Emmett credited Foltin with helping get the job done.

"The treatment of those animals is just deplorable. We, the county, lobbied the legislature to give us the right to ban the sales," Emmett said.

With the passage of the ordinance, many hope to decrease the number of strays and unwanted pets that end up in shelters.

An even greater concern is that no one really knows the health of the animals.

"We don't know the health of them, and they are un-neutered and un-spayed when they're sold. We believe that was contributing to our pet overpopulation problem," said Dr. Dawn Blackmare of the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services.

There's a grace period until Oct. 1. After that, a fine and citation will be given to anyone caught selling animals on the side of the road within the Harris County limits.

Residents can call 281-999-3191 to report violators.