Ohhhhh, be still my Labbie loving heart! I am SO happy to be the one to kick off your Dog of the Day thread, precious Ben You've started my day off with the biggest smile and a happy tear or two! Your fab, heart tugging video brought back so many happy memories of my Labbie girl Star's first few weeks! You were such a beautiful baby Ben and I have no doubt, have by now, grown into the handsomest young man! I'm so glad your Mom decided to take the plunge into Labbiedom for a second time after the passing of your beloved predecessor; who better to help heal a broken heart than a friksy, joyful, lovable fur-ball like you. And how cool that you and your litter mate Tegan continue to be best buddies, as well! Have a super fun filled Labbie type day, reveling in the spotlight, sweetheart! Hope you and Tegan are able to fit in a play-date Big hugs, kisses, woofs and Labbie butt wiggles to you from me and my girl Star...she's got "stars" in her eyes after eyeing you!