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Thread: Hi Everybody!!

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    Hi Everybody!!

    Hi I'm Kevin and I'm new!
    I'm 14 and I enjoy taking photos!

    I have: 1 Miniature Schnauzer
    1 Eastern River Cooter
    2 Fire-bellied Toads
    1 Paddle-tailed Newt

    Here's Mimi, my 4 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. She is my best buddy and LOVES snuggling beside you at night. She has some seperation anxiety so she cries if we leave her alone. So we take her everywhere!

    Here's Roca Del Rio, my male 7 month old Eastern River Cooter. He is 4 inches long and enjoys eating carrots, basking, and flirting with a plastic tortoise.

    He really loves flirting with his "girlfriend" The thing he's doing with his paws is called "fluttering" which males do to try to impress females.

    Here's my fire bellied toad pair, Reese and Money-money.

    and here's my 3 year old Paddle-tailed Newt named Padd, who is currently living at my dad's place.


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    Kevin, welcome to Pet Talk! I'm david p and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I'm a cat butler to Nikki, a tuxedo kitty, Daisy who is a nutty tortoiseshell, and Marigold another nutty tortoiseshell. Kevin, Mimi is adorable amd so are your other pets. We like people who like taking pictures. I hope you stay here and post often, but be careful, Pet Talk is addictive!!

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    Hi Kevin, and welcome to PT! You photos are so crisp and clear! You must have a great camera to get shots like those. I have 8 cats, 2 dogs and 2 foster dogs. It is a busy, fun, hectic home! Hope you keep posting, would love to see more of all of your pets and hear stories about them!

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    Hello Kevin and Welcome to PT
    All your pets are adorable.
    I'm Nikki and I am owned by 2 cats a tabby Zippy and an orange tabby Pumpkin plus my 3 betta fish Nemo,Liberty and Coral.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
    Jan 1,09-March 26,2010

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    Hello Kevin and welcome to PT (Pet Talk)! I hope you find our own little online town welcoming, exciting, and addicting!!!
    Im Collin and i am owned by an Pug named Little Reggie and an gerbil named Little Bit.

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    Hiya Kevin!

    All your pets are gorgeous

    I have two syrian hamsters called Whisk and Chino (which can be seen in my signature below) and two guinea pigs called Nut and Egg

    Hope you enjoy it here

    'If everyone else's opinion is what matters, then do you ever really have one of your own?'- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

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    Hello there Kevin. All your animals are adorable. I really like the picture of Roca Del Rio "flirting" with his girlfriend.

    As seen below I have a checked boxer named Duke, a reverse brindle boxer named Champ(by the way despite the name she is a girl) and a chihuahua named Chopper. We also have in my household two betas named Visine and Animal. And a 900 gallon pond with six koi, Piglet, Pooh, Roo, Kanga, Eeyore, and Christopher Robin, two adult subunkins named Dottie and Lottie and about 15-17 unnamed babies from a year ago.

    I really hope to see some more pictures of all your animal babies. You take really nice clear shots. Welcome to PT.
    ~Traci, Duke, Champ, Chopper and Ryleigh

    On occasion I have been know to speak Chopperese.

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    lol Thank you!

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    Hi Kevin and welcome to Pet Talk! You pets are beautiful. I'm Erin and I have two cats called Snow and Angel, one beagle named Duke and a frog called Rocky. I hope you like it here at Pet Talk!
    Thank you so much for my siggy, kittycats_delight!


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