Hi I'm Kevin and I'm new!
I'm 14 and I enjoy taking photos!

I have: 1 Miniature Schnauzer
1 Eastern River Cooter
2 Fire-bellied Toads
1 Paddle-tailed Newt

Here's Mimi, my 4 year old female Miniature Schnauzer. She is my best buddy and LOVES snuggling beside you at night. She has some seperation anxiety so she cries if we leave her alone. So we take her everywhere!

Here's Roca Del Rio, my male 7 month old Eastern River Cooter. He is 4 inches long and enjoys eating carrots, basking, and flirting with a plastic tortoise.

He really loves flirting with his "girlfriend" The thing he's doing with his paws is called "fluttering" which males do to try to impress females.

Here's my fire bellied toad pair, Reese and Money-money.

and here's my 3 year old Paddle-tailed Newt named Padd, who is currently living at my dad's place.