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Thread: Ajax's First Outing

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    Ajax's First Outing

    Well just got back. First so no one worries yesterday at my doctors appointment I was cleared for some light exercise. Mainly because they had done a diabetes test last week(I do not recommend the drink they use. ) and it came out high. Never had that happen before but he said that can be normal so not to worry. Just change my diet and exercise some. Luckily with only being 2 weeks away from my due date he is not as concerned anymore.

    So now to Ajax. Since I seem to be having a good day today Dedrick and I walked Ajax, wearing his In Training bandana to my daughters school. There are 4 schools all in teh same area. 3 close together. So he got a ton of love and socialization from everyone. And sucked it all right up. He met everyone with confidence and handed out many a kiss. lol Most recongnized him as Sheena's pup so asked a ton of questions and were excited about another also being In Training as a potential Service Dog.

    Ajax walked pretty good on leash with some corrections when he would try to go sniff something. But other wise did good. One of the teachers asked me why I didn't bring him into the school to get Isabeau and I explained how he is potty trained for home but not for anywhere else. So until he is more reliable his training and socialization will be done outside of the buildings. Which is plenty for now.

    So all went great. We will keep doing this now, some days with Sheena as an example and some days without her so he can gain confidence on his own.
    Nicole & Sheena & Ajax

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    What, no pictures?

    How could you NOT attach a photo or 20?

    Good news about Ajax and YOU!

    Keep us posted, Mom to be!

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    Sorry, I have none from the walk. Holding a leash and a toddlers had kept all my hands busy. But here are some of Ajax in his bandana that I took last week:

    Now remember he is only a potential Service Dog. There is no garentee at this age. As he matures and learns we will see if he has the personality for it. We had hoped to train Luca as a PSD but unfornately he could just not get over his LOVE(more like adoration) of everyone he met. So could not focus on me like a Service Dog has too. He was too intent on getting loves from everyone. So he washed out. He is still like that. lol
    Nicole & Sheena & Ajax

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    He handed out many a kiss. lol
    Sweet Ajax! How I'd like to be near you when THAT happens! But, since I can't, maybe you'll give your mom or your big brothers one for me. How you are growing. I hope all your littermates are doing well, I know Polar is! I love your ears and I still miss your baby puppy ears a little.
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    Here are links to Dark Blues page:

    And Greens page:

    So you can see hwo they are doing. I will try and update the other pages tomorrow. This is the only way I can show you their pics since I have permission to post the info and pics on my website but no where else.
    Nicole & Sheena & Ajax

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    Good to hear Ajax is doing good. He's such a good boy. Aww, great to see dark blue.
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    The tips of those ears are just crying out to be nibbled.....
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