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    Rope Course with One Leg!

    well, it has been seven weeks since my first surgery and two weeks since my second surgery.. nearly two months of unable to bend my right knee! it drives me nuts unable to do anything and keeping my leg straight for so long..

    since I won the battle last week I got to keep my job and was required to go this student government retreat (camping) with all of school organizations' presidents, vice presidents and directors last weekend - about 50 minutes down by the da lake and there was a rope course too. I of course wanted to be in part of this challenge! call me crazy if you want to but at least I didn't dance.

    I am certainly pooped out, been crutching all over campus today with sores I got from crutching in piles of soggy leaves, muddy trails, gravels, uphills and downhills... (it's nice to have height adjustments on my crutches for going up and down the uneven grass hills!) somebody had to laugh when one of crutches was two inches shorter than another. okay, onto pictures ..

    a hop start!

    looking down how far up I am already.. (this pole is about 35 foot I think?)

    (oh, don't mind my SANDALS.. shoes? nah, rare.)

    almost on the top! figuring how to get my good leg on the other side so I can get to stand on the top of the pole alone.
    this goal is to jump off and grab the swingpole about 10 feet ahead.

    yay, getting close..

    fans ...or worriers?

    a little help by the rope with balancing one leg.
    I couldn't get my foot up right top on the pole so my foot stayed on the highest latch.

    (yikes, this is when it starts raining! you could see raindroplets on my pants - xtrachallenging, very slippery)

    jump! well, a TWISTed jump since I jumped in the different direction.

    (I think you now can see the swingpole there)

    . . . .
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