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Thread: URGENT Prayers needed NOM

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    URGENT Prayers needed NOM

    Katie's Suzie got spay today at around 10 am and stilll hasn't woken up from it and Katie is worried sick. The vet has given Suzie two reversals. She is home now with Katie and Katie is watching her like a hawk pleading with her to wake up. Please pray for Suzie and Katie.

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    OH! How scary. I've had kitties with a slow wake up but this!

    Come on dear Suzie, time to wakie!

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    Why would a vet send her home if she hasn't woken up from anesthesia?? Even the cats I took to clinics had to be partially awake before the vet let me take them home.
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    Oh my.... I hope everything is all right.

    I don't want to make light of the situation, but I keep hearing the song "Wake up little Suzie, Wake up" going through my head.

    I am sure her Meowmie is worried sick.

    Many prayers being sent from me and the girls in Indiana.
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    Prayers on the way. Wake up little girl!
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    OM MY!! I would be paniced and taking it to every vet I could find. That scares even ME!!! WAKE UP SWEET BABY!!!

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    Thoughts and prayers for Katie and Suzie!! Wake up, sweetie!

    I'm was just wondering the same question. Why did the vet let Suzie go home when she didn't wake up.
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    Oh, how upsetting!! Melissa, please let us know as soon as you hear anything more. Prayers for Suzie!

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    Katie - if she is swallowing at all, can you get any water down her? Warm water and honey? I know that is not what Melissa's vet said, but I wonder if it will keep Suzie more hydrated?

    Suzie...I gotta go to sleep now...but you have to wake up, okay? Your mommy Katie loves you and is taking very good care of you...just open your widdle eyes and look at her!

    PT Prayers going out!
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    I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Please wake up little Suzie. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I hope Suzy wakes up soon and pray that she is okay, thinking of you Katie and Suzy (L)

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    This is just awful! Prayers going out right now that Suzie wakes up immediately!

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    OMG I would be in a Frantic.. Good Vibes & Prayers being sent for you wittle one Suzie & meowmom.. Wake Up wittle one.. Keep us informed Melissa ok..

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    Last night when I got home from work and feed my gang I called Katie to see how Suzie was doing and she said that the honey really helped her soon after giving it to her she started to slowly wake up. Katie even got her to eat some baby food. I haven't heard from Katie today so since I haven't heard from her i am assuming Suzie is doing ok. I will have to wait until someone at work gets here that I can use their cell phone to call her and make sure. thanks so much for all your prayers.

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    Ok, I just talked to Katie and she said Suzie hasn't gotten up yet but is alert. and responds when she calls her name. She is still worried about her. She was getting ready to feed her again and I told her to put more honey inher since her gums are still whitish. I think I am going to try and call my vet and see what she says. Kepp your prAYERS GOING.

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